Best Way to Choose a Niche

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Best Way to Choose a Niche

What is a Niche?

A niche is your chosen area of focus in any given field of business. If you are going to start a home business then finding the right direction is key. To give an example an online retail business would be the business field and an online retail business selling baby products would be in the niche of ‘baby products’.

A niche could also refer to your audience or potential customers; you could, for example, design, market and write content for a specific group of people. So what is the best way to choose a niche?

If we stay with baby products, your target audience may be:

New Mothers
New Fathers
Young Parents
Older Parents
Young Dads
Working Mothers
Parents on a Tight Budget
Parents with Lots of Money to Spend

And many more…

Best Way to Choose a Niche

The possibilities are endless when contemplating what to choose as a niche, so how does a person move forward? You are making a decision about ‘Your Business’ so it is vital that you have an interest in what you are going to be selling or marketing.

  • Connector.

    Are you passionate about the subject?

    If you have a real love for a topic or interest, making a website or blog will be that bit more fun.

  • Connector.

    Can you write about it?

    A niche with many aspects and angles to it will provide you with lots of topics to write about.

  • Connector.

    Would you find researching the topic interesting and appealing?

    Having a genuine interest in your niche and reviewing related products related to it is an important factor in choosing the road to go down.

  • Connector.

    Is it Profitable?

    Depending on how well you can monetize your website will determine whether it is a niche worth pursuing or not. Check out if there are products you can sell or promote, or if there are affiliate programmes or lots of Amazon products available.

You may already have specialist knowledge
about a particular subject which would make creating a business that much easier.

I asked a question over at Wealthy Affiliate and had instant responses.

How Did You Choose Your Niche?

Find Your Niche Market

With competition on the internet being so fierce, it is best to drill down on your initial idea. I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy to help with my niche and keyword research. For this example if we stick with Baby Products, below you will see a red dot; this is the Keyword Quality Indicator,
Red is High Competition.
We want to look for Green.

Baby Products - Keyword Research

From doing a little research this way, you can find more targeted, specific areas, that could be better to target as a niche such as; ‘Natural Organic Baby Products’, ‘Most Expensive Baby Products’, Green Baby Products’, and there are lots more, just in the Baby Product area alone. When you drill down in any area or niche, the easier to target niches will reveal themselves.

Try Jaaxy For Yourself Here…

Where I Learned How to Find a Niche

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Website walks you through the entire process of find a niche.
Click the image to watch the Wealthy Affiliate – Choosing a Niche Video Walkthrough…

 Wealthy Affiliate - Choosing a Niche Video Walkthrough
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6 Comments on “Best Way to Choose a Niche”

  1. Great website and very helpful information on deciding on a Niche and building a website,
    I am just seeing if you can recommend for me to choose more than one Niche and build several websites at the one time?
    As I have 2 good niches to choose from and I cant decide on which one to use so I am thinking of doing both will that be okay?

    1. Hey Jarvis,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Personally I would choose one of the 2 and concentrate fully on making that successful. Once that’s done then begin the next site. This will prevent you from becoming overloaded and confused. Choose the niche that you can write lots of content for quickly and easily. Stay focused on task and you will have a website full of content in no time.

      Let me know what you decide and if you need any help making a decision do please let me know.


  2. Do you think every niche is worth trying? Can you describe the methods of finding out if a niche is profitable?

    1. Hey Julius, I do think every niche is worth trying, you just have to ‘drill down’ and find the gold! The methods I use are taught in-depth over at Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform.
      Here is a link to a video describing how Kyle the owner does it,

      How to Find a Profitable Niche.

      I hope you find it useful, I did.

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