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Hi my name is Suzanne. I live in Brighton UK and work full time online. I made a decision to create this website to help out others who are contemplating how to start working at home.

I’ve been working and learning on the computer since 2011 and have spent many hours in front of a screen. In that time, I’ve learned a great deal; a LOT of really useful tips and skills; but also a LOT of ways to avoid actually doing anything! I’ve been led down blind alley’s, got sucked into promises & dreams (SCAMS), wasting time, energy and mostly importantly of all, money!
After all that trial & error, I have been consistently working from home, for some time now and can FINALLY say that I do actually HAVE a viable business, which I LOVE. A business that brings in money. All I can say to you is that, if working for yourself online is a dream of yours, then follow that dream!

I’m not going to masquerade as some guru or expert, I’m just an ordinary, married woman with a 24yr old son, 2 dogs and a cat. I believe in honesty & hard work and if I can, help others’ to achieve their goal of success through working from home online.

Me and my pets relaxing on the sofa

How to Begin…

First things first; Create a space in your home that feels ok to work in. This can be an office, a spare bedroom, or a space in your lounge. It is best to choose a room that you can leave and close the door at the end of the working day but if space is limited this then do the best you can. Work where you feel comfortable and be mindful of discipline; i.e. turning off the computer for rest time with family.

Go through the bullet points below…


  • Freedom
  • You are the boss
  • Work when you want to work
  • No travel expense
  • You can wear whatever you like
  • No need for costly childcare
  • It’s a less stressful environment


  • There is a risk of putting in too many hours or overworking.
  • You must be entirely self-motivated
  • You can never escape the office and go home, because you are already there.
  • It can be lonely
  • Difficult separating work and family

Create your own Pros and Cons list… Do YOU have what it takes to work from home?

If the answer is YES then lets begin…

I found a place where I belong. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best business community and learning environment around. There are both experienced marketers and newbies on this very active platform. Best of all it is free to join and you can have 2 free websites also!
There is ‘Live Chat’, video tutorials, lessons that you can follow along with, and much more…the best way to find out is too take a look for yourself.

You can create your TWO FREE websites here…

Put your business name or idea into to the box to begin

Create an account…

Give it a go, you will not be disappointed – most people who join, stay and most upgrade to the Premium membership very quickly – but that’s NOT a requirement.

When you click the sign-up link you will be taken to the page which looks like the image below.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup Page

You will then see this page…

Wealthy Affiliate Signup Page

I’ll look forward to working with you over there

Wealthy Affiliate
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Want to learn how to build a business online? If so get in touch, I can help. I began working online in 2011 because I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted and to get away from being an employee. I've learned lots in that time and now work full-time from home online. With this website I aim to help others who also want to work from home and learn about the online world. Leave a comment in the box below or use the contact page on this website. You can also connect with me over at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my profile link, Suzanne-SB's Profile at WA.

22 Comments on “How to Start Working at Home”

  1. Hi Suzanne nice information you given here in your website to help other people to start working from their home. I love your video in the start of your post. It’s really cool! Thanks again Suzanne and take care always!


  2. Hey, Suzanne, your website is fantastic! I am new at Wealthy Affiliate, and I look forward to the day my website is as professional as yours! This post is an invaluable resource for persons who may be considering working at home. If I hadn’t already taken the step, I would be encouraged and enthusiastic to do so!
    Great job! Oh, I love your menagerie of four-legged babies!

    1. Hey Rita,

      If you just keep doing the next right thing and follow the lessons over at Wealthy Affiliate you will have a successful business.

      stay in touch

  3. Hi Suzanne, hope you are doing well. I absolutely love this page. You’re so right about all the pros of working from home. The freedom is gives you is amazing. Even if you work a day job and do affiliate marketing on the side, it still gives you the choice of when you want to work and where. I love Wealthy Affiliate as well. It’s such an amazing place to learn and grow within the community itself. It’s almost impossible to fail. I can’t wait to read more from you. Take care!

    1. Hi Alison,

      I was doing two jobs for a period of time when I was building up my business online but now, luckily I have the pleasure of just working on my home business which is fantastic.

      See you over at WA 🙂

  4. Hi Suzanne
    Great post and I loved what you said about being able to close the door and turn off for family time. This is where I often fall short. I have no problem being disciplined to work, far from it. I have to force myself to stop and focus all my attention on my family.
    Nice recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to make money online. They have the best training platform I have ever seen.

    1. Yes Lynne, working at home online can become addictive, especially if you are seeing results or are in the middle of a project and want to finish it – a work, family balance is a hard one!

  5. Hey Suzanne!

    Love your site layout! It’s easy to get around and none of the images and links take away from the content.

    As for this post, I really enjoyed the pros and cons section, because I believe a lot of people are blinded by all the awesome benefits of working at home, but forget there are downsides. Thank you for being realistic and giving readers both.

    I also read your content in the social media marketing page and I believe that will also be useful to those who are new to internet marketing. By the way, what are your favorite social media platforms that you use for marketing?

    1. thanks for the comment Warrick, the Social Media platforms I use are Facebook, groups, business pages and groups, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter.
      How about you?


  6. Hey there Suzanne, I really do like how you’ve set up the navigation and overall aesthetics of your website. It is clean and easy to navigate without having an overload of content. This easy navigation just makes me want to venture further around your website and look at things such as social media marketing because I am very impressed by the level of detail of your working at home page.

  7. Great information Suzanne. I love the picture of you and your pets. I really love your dogs eyes. Wealthy Affiliate sounds really good. Do I have to know how to build websites? -Thanks

    1. Hi William, thanks for the comment. In response to your question, No absolutely not, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know about building websites.

  8. This is awesome…I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate University too and I recommend it for anyone looking to start a home based business.

  9. Awesome article!
    I like to see that it’s possible to work from home oh yeahh, easy going.
    That’s what I want!
    Best regards,

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