How to Succeed Working at Home

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How to Succeed Working at Home

Working at home may sound like the perfect solution for someone not quite suited to the 9 – 5 routine. No bosses making demands; no rush hour traffic to navigate; no childcare issues to juggle. The reasons for choosing to work from home vary and are unique to each individual who makes the decision to go down this path. However, if your idea of working at home is pottering around the house in your pyjamas; then think again. To achieve results, you need to think of it as a professional job. This article will provide some tips and pointers on how to succeed working at home.

Personality Traits For Working at Home

Do you have what it takes?

Here are some of the qualities you need. Of course, I could have added more but if you have these, you are off to a great start:

Commitment  Do you have an idea or concept to work on and truly believe in your plan? Are you willing to put your time and energy into realising your dream?

Determination  Sometimes it may feel like you are trying to walk through treacle. Can you push on through to achieve your goals?

Motivation – With no bosses or co-workers at hand, do you have the enthusiasm needed to succeed? What are your reasons for working at home and can you work without being told what to do?

Willingness to Learn  The online world and the business world are constantly changing and it is critical that you stay on top of the latest trends.

Discipline  It all too easy to ‘leave things until later’ or ‘pop out for a coffee’ when working from home. Do you have enough self-control to ‘be your own boss’?

Organizational Skills  This includes both physical and mental organization, as well as time management skills.

Structure  This involves planning, organizing, and carrying out your work-related tasks in a manageable way.

Dedication  Are you loyal to your brand? Do you support it whole-heartedly? Because dedication is needed to succeed with your vision.

Focus – Is your vision or dream clear? Can you dedicate enough attention to your business?

“Do your biggest tasks first.”

Do your biggest tasks first – Get that job that you would rather not do out of the way, before you do anything else with your day.

Designate a space to work – This can be a home office, spare bedroom or a space in your lounge.

Get Dressed for Work – It is all too easy to lounge about in pyjamas, as nobody will see you. However, I find getting dressed for work helps with motivation and the mental preparation needed for a productive working day.

Plan your Day – Use a diary to write down appointments and use a whiteboard for daily planning and your To Do list.

“Write tomorrow’s tasks today”

Write tomorrow’s tasks today – Be prepared for work the following day and so you don’t need to spend ages organizing yourself first thing in the morning.

Time Management – Be wary of becoming too focused on one area of work and neglect others. I find it helps to allocate specific time to tasks.

Distractions – Working online comes with many distractions, such as social media, email and internet browsing . Allocate times in the day when it is ok to surf the net or check emails etc, then in work time focus on the job at hand.

Take Breaks – Just like you would in any other work setting, make sure you take time away from the screen or the pile of paperwork. It helps to get out of the house for a walk or a lunch break.

Set Realistic Goals – Use the SMART formula:

Smart Goals

Have a Business Plan – Everybody running a business needs a business plan to help focus strategy; manage milestones and metrics and to assign and track responsibilities and performance.

Pomodoro Technique – This is a time-management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals – traditionally 25 minutes in length – separated by short breaks.

Pomodoro Cycle

Boundaries – Set yourself limits: lines that you will not cross and will not allow others to cross either. This will help keep you sane and stop you overworking. Knowing when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to stuff is especially important when you are your own boss. Make sure you create boundaries between your personal and business life.

Flexibility – Working at home comes with lots of freedom of choice but this can be detrimental if you cannot separate work from home and family life. Designate specific start and finish times to  your working day.  When you are done, close the office door or turn off the computer to allow for relaxation time.

Social Isolation – Working at home can, at times, be lonely. You have nobody around to ask questions; no one to look over your work and no one to have a laugh with. I solved this issue by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

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6 Comments on “How to Succeed Working at Home”

  1. Great points! Working at home is more difficult than it is often advertised to be. I particularly appreciated your point on boundaries.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I found a lot of very useable information here, and I am inspired to try this out myself. Much appreciated,

  3. That’s a cool article, it gave me some simple ideas. I think the biggest thing that prevents me from efficiently working is distractions. I catch myself off guard just browsing YouTube sometimes 😀

    1. I can sometimes get lost in social media myself too Julius. I find setting specific times for this helps me to stay focused at other times.

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