Best Social Media Management Tool – Mass Planner

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Best Social Media Management Tool – Mass Planner

Mass Planner Review

Name: Mass Planner

Website url:

Price: $9.95 – monthly or
$44.95 – 6 months
5 day free trial

Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

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If your Social Media Marketing is becoming a chore and taking you away from creating content for your website, then you want to consider some help with this. I have been using something which I think is the best social media management tool – Mass Planner and thought I’d write a review of this amazing software.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram Automation

As the heading says; Mass Planner automates your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. It also allows you to edit your Instagram account.

With Mass Planner you can:

  • Schedule all your social media updates for future publishing.
  • Find and automatically join new groups in you niche.
  • Automatically share your posts on Facebook and Google + Groups
  • Auto-follow people in your niche.
  • Pin images to specified Pinterest boards.
Mass Planner - Social ProfilesMass Planner

Extra Modules with One-Time Payments

There are a number of extra modules that you can add to package, with one time payments varying from $10 – $70

– Flickr and Pinterest Integration

– Instagram Poster and Reposter

– InstaChat

– Unique Image Posts

– Extended Multi-Accounts modules: +8, +15 or Unlimited Social Accounts

– Facebook Friends Backup

– Bump post

– Facebook Like & Comment

– Contact Members

– LinkedIn Profile Viewer

My Personal View of Mass Planner

For managing Social Media Marketing, my personal view Mass Planner is that it’s an excellent tool to use. I have been able to reduce the time spent on the various social media platforms and focus my time on creating and writing articles. I am careful not to blast out my posts running the risk of getting banned from anywhere.

Basically all the places I was posting my stuff manually; my profiles, specific groups, communities, business pages and pinterest boards; that took a fair amount of time before, I now speed up the process with Mass Planner.

I do still visit my posts and manually reply to comments as I value the importance of my followers – I do not spam or want to come across to my readers as if I’m not listening to them.

Windows Based Software

This is a Windows based software, so you will need a machine running Windows to use Mass Planner.
I am a Mac user and have Mass Planner running smoothly on my computer. I achieved this easily by installing a virtual machine using Parallels to run Windows.

→ Parallels Desktop 11 Standard Full License 1 Year Subscription ←


  • Handles everything on multiple social media accounts.
  • Builds engagements and followers up instantly.
  • It’s reliable and well built.
  • Fast and Reliable customer support.
  • Saves hours of valuable time.
  • 5 Day Trial Offered.


  • WIndows only software.
  • Works so effectively you can forget about engaging with your fans.
  • Overuse can lead to bans and restrictions on Social Media platforms.

The Verdict – Do I recommend Mass Planner?

So long as you use Mass Planner as a tool to save time with posting articles and still engage with your following on the various Social Media platforms, then Mass Planner is most definitely an excellent choice.

So do I recommend it? The answer would have to be a Yes!

Mass Planner FREE 5 Day Trial Here!

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6 Comments on “Best Social Media Management Tool – Mass Planner”

  1. Hey Suzanne,
    You did a really great job writing this article. I just started using social media for my website so I’m trying to get all the help I can to grow my social media base to help more people. Just added your page to my favorites list to check the app later. Thanks!

  2. It’s pretty awesome to have a software/app to manage the social media platforms, certainly save time. I didn’t know of its existence.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very useful article, Suzanne. It’s good to know that there is a plug-in like this where you could manage all your social media accounts all in one place. Will consider using this in the future. Thanks!

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