What is Pinterest and How Does it Work?

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People love images; our brains are made for visual processing. Colour, imagery and movement capture attention immediately. With people being that responsive to visual information, it makes sense to incorporate colour and imagery in your online business marketing. So what is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is basically a social photo curation site. Well it’s is a social bookmarking site in the form of an online scrapbook. It is an image-based site in which users can create topic specific boards and fill these boards with images. These images can link back to a specific website so when a Pinterest user clicks the image they are taken to the site that the image was initially found upon.

How Does Pinterest Work?

The first thing to do it to create an account, you can personalize it by choosing a name, a profile picture (165px – 165px) and include a tag line, something descriptive about your or your interests.

Once done the fun begins:

You can follow people with interests similar to yours.


Follow boards that interest you.


Create topic specific boards that interest you. These can be related to a broad topic such as DIY Ideas or narrow such as campervan cushions, the choice is yours.

You then search for images either from around the web or upload them straight from your computer and pin them onto your boards, creating a type of online scrapbook, while also bookmarking websites.

Group Boards are a cool way you can collaborate with others. You can create group boards yourself and invite some of your followers to pin images there or you can request to join someone else’s boards.

You can comment and like pins and also send private messages to your followers.









Creating a Powerful Pinterest Account

There’s some great training over at Wealthy Affiliate – check out this training video on creating a powerful Pinterest account.

Creating a Powerful Pinterest Account

Pinterest For Business, why you need to upgrade.

Pinterest For Business, why you need to upgrade

If you have a website and run a business my suggestion would be to upgrade (for free) to a Business account.

This really is a free upgrade with no hidden fees, and you can then:

Pinterest for BusinessAdd your website to your account and have this confirmed. This then adds a profile picture for any pin that comes from that website.

Pinterest for BusinessHave access to Pinterest Analytics for daily impressions and clicks on your profile and your website, your most popular pins and more.

Pinterest for BusinessRich Pins – These add extra detail about the pins from your website. There are six types of Rich Pins: article, recipe, movie, place, app and product.

Pinterest for BusinessYou can also have access to Buyable Pins, which is available to select retail partners and merchants.

Pinterest for BusinessPinterest Ads


Personally I love Pinterest and have spent hours browsing beautiful, interesting, funny, educational and sometimes-weird images or everything you can imagine.

I am more disciplined nowadays, which is a necessity for working online at home; I use Pinterest for my business a lot.

I have boards relating to my websites and find and create images to share there and also follow and save others’ images.

The analytics is great as I can see what my followers are interested in which helps me create more.

There are 100 million active users on Pinterest, so if you are a business online it really does make sense to be actively promoting your business on this very active and visually stunning platform.

Why not begin your Pinterest journey by following my account.







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8 Comments on “What is Pinterest and How Does it Work?”

  1. This is a great article Suzanne. I enjoy reading the articles on your site because they’re informative and I can always learn something new.

    I use Pinterest for my website, and didn’t realise it had a business account, so I’ll definitely be joining, especially as it’s free!

    Well done on building a good Pinterest following also. I look forward to reading more content from you. All the best!

    1. Good stuff Stephanie, I will look forward to connecting with you over at Pinterest 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment regarding my articles, I’m glad you enjoy them.


  2. Suzanne, thank you for this article on Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to start using Pinterest with my business, but didn’t know where to start. You’ve convinced me that this is a necessity. I’m going to go create my Pinterest account now.

    Thanks again for this wonderful article.

    All the best, Kevin

  3. WOW! How did you get so many followers? I’ve been struggling finding followers on Pinterest. What do you do outside of your account? I feel like everyone only looks at my entertaining boards and not the board related to my niche.

    1. Hi Matt, make sure your images are engaging would be my suggestion. You can upload a new image manually to Pinterest and then link it back to your site.

      I have no magic solution to gaining followers, I have been active on the site for a while now and have had obsessive moments when I follow lots of people and pin lots too. I think I have just naturally built my following.

  4. I did not know Pinterest had a free business account. Why was I not told? LOL. Thank you Suzanne 😉

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