Is the Empower Network a Scam?

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Is the Empower Network a Scam

My Review of Empower Network

Name: Empower Network
Website url:
Price: Initial $25 monthly fee, $19.95 monthly merchant fee,
Other Costs: $100 monthly fee for Inner Circle, + $500 for the Costa Rica Intensive, + $1,000 for the $15K Formula
Owner: David Wood and David Sharp
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

Star Rating

David Wood - Empower Network Founder


If you are looking for opportunities to work from home and make money with different types of programs and services, there is a high probability that you’ve run into Empower Network, which was formed in 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe. In this article we will try to review this program and give you an answer to the question: Is the Empower Network a Scam?

The Empower Network is an MLM company that provides the tools needed to make your own business. It’s core offering is to help you earn a lot of money. Does it do it the right way? This is a question we will attempt to answer below. Mostly, it teaches you how to sell expensive marketing programs and enables you to earn amazing amounts of money through their affiliate programs. Empower Network is well known in the marketing world because of its 100% commissions on products that cost $3k or more.

Is the Empower Network a Scam?

What Is The Empower Network All About?

The storyline of how this company was created is impressive. Its creators had bad and low-paid jobs and only had a basic knowledge of MLM. They went on to research and create the Empower Network without any great expectations of success.

In very short period of time – and with questionable marketing campaigns and tactics – the business became a success. It made huge profits – some say over $1 million in the first year. Very quickly, every blog about making money or online marketing was talking about the Empower Network. There were tons of articles and reviews – some labelling it a total scam, while others described it is a great product that offered amazing income opportunities.

Who do you believe?

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What you will get if you subscribe and become member of the Empower Network?

Below is a breakdown of what you actually get if you join up.

There are five plans, paid for either by subscription or one-off payment. The last one is relatively new: it was introduced a few months ago and comes as an update. Each package provides a different set of features and of course, different levels of earnings.

Kalatu Blogging System

The first package – and the most affordable one – is the Kalatu Blogging System and it comes with a monthly subscription of $25/mo. This is a type of platform that is optimized for success and it is very similar to the popular CMS, such as WordPress. When you buy this subscription you also get eight different themes that you can adjust according to your preference. This blogging platform is good but not amazing. It does a great job if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing or if you sell your products online. The most basic package costs $9 but you will not get much with that, which is why the $25/mo is the standard.

Inner Circle

The second product is Inner Circle. Supposedly, this is an upgrade from the previous package and it offers advanced tips and detailed info on how to succeed. Priced at $100/mo, this service has earned both negative and positive reviews. It contains audio files and calls from the creators of the program and more-or-less amounts to a coaching and motivating package. With it you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and see how you can continue upgrading your business. So, this is an advanced source of motivation and knowledge that can take you to the next level, at least in the theoretical sense.

Top Producer Formula

The third package offered in the Empower Network is the so-called Top Producer Formula. It costs $500 as a one-time payment. You may want to buy this product once you have mastered the Kalatu and Inner Circle packages. It is an advanced system and formula that will get you into the best sellers and most valuable members in the Empower Network. It will give you the ultimate formula to earn amazing amounts of money. You will have access to tons of information that you can only benefit from. However, some reviewers have questioned the quality and the relevance of the information supplied with this package for the price. The general consensus among the reviews is that it is a useful but rather expensive product.

Team Building Formula

If the $500 package is expensive, then the Team Building Formula could be considered ultra-expensive. However, the potential income it offers is much greater when compared to the previous products. For $1000 you’ll get everything you need to know about multi-level marketing and how to create multi-level marketing teams. If you know how to manage MLM teams, all of the possible income could end up in your pocket and if you have the blueprint and formula to execute that, you are halfway to achieving huge success.

Mass Influence Formula

The most expensive package however, is the Mass Influence Formula at $3500. This is pretty much a master-class for becoming the ultimate salesman. It will give you the formula to become persuasive and to sell practically anything you can think of selling. It is created by ultra-successful people in the online marketing field – the ones that are earning $100-500k on yearly basis.

Compensation Plan

The additional package that was introduced 4 months ago is the so-called Compensation Plan. Actually, it is not a package, but – as the name suggests -a new compensation plan. It gives greater benefits for the end users; however, to benefit from it you have to sell the products created especially for this package. There are amazing commissions and payouts, but in order to sell the products part of this plan, you must pay a $19.99 monthly subscription.

What the Empower Network is all about?


  • Easy to understand and can be implemented by anyone
  • It is the next level of MLM and affiliate marketing
  • Potential to earn huge amounts per sold program
  • Various packages to fit everyone’s budget
  • Detailed instructions in packages of how to succeed online
  • Monthly payments for their subscription plans that you can stop at any time
  • Amazing potential to earn more than $10k per month
  • Huge commissions from 50-100%


  • Some of the packages are too expensive
  • You can earn huge amounts of money, but you can also earn no money if you don’t put in the necessary effort and amount of work
  • It is a type of MLM that can be scammy at times
  • Marketing campaigns can appear as spam
  • Tons of upsells
  • No free membership
  • You don’t own your own blog
  • Have to invest a lot of money before you’ll see a return
  • It’s basically a Pyramid Scheme

Now Lets Compare …

The Verdict – Do I recommend Empower Network?

Is the Empower Network the best thing to invest in? No!

Is it worth enough and can it bring you great amounts of income? Yes!

The commissions it offers are some of the biggest you will find online, but the amounts you need to pay to get into the programs are expensive as well. So: if you are not ready to ‘pay big, to earn big’, look into something else.

The creators are obviously experts in the field and are constantly working to improve the products and packages the network offers to its users. The fact that their packages are combination of monthly payments and one-time payments is great. Being a blogging platform and MLM scheme is not a great thing; it repels users really fast. But, considering the commission offered for attracting new members; many people will overlook the under-handed methods of this model and go for it.

To summarise: a blogging platform that is also an MLM scheme and an advanced level of the pyramid system is simply not for me!

A better option, with more realistic and ethical ways to make money is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a lot more affordable and a smarter way to earn money. It acts like a social network as well and provides you with all you need to create websites and earn money on through various means. You can learn more about it here.

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  1. It the first time I have heard of Empower Network. Glad to know Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the market. This will really guide people to know what will actually be good value for their money. Excellent review. Thank you.

  2. Hey there, it’s Alexey! I heard of Empower Network somewhere, and also heard that it’s not good. Upsells are a turn off for people who see things clearly. Those who need money, or are in pain with their life, might fall into this. Your review was really good, and it will hopefully help people to save their money.

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