So you want to work at home on your computer?

We’ll I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible.

In today’s working climate with lots of job insecurities around and people uncertain about their working career path, lots are turning to other methods of earning a living. The Internet has brought the whole world basically into peoples’ homes’ with literally everyone, more and more accustomed to shopping online, online banking, email, social media, online news and so much more.

The exposure to the multitude of websites packed with information may have got you thinking about building your own business online. I know that’s what happened to me. I saw eBay, Amazon, social media sites, information sites, travel information, product reviews, local business websites, so many I can’t list. I thought I’d like an online business and to have the luxury or working from home.

How to Start Working at Home

How to Start Working at Home is the title and topic of this entire website. The aim of the site is to hopefully help people like you begin the journey towards building an online business from home.

I did a lot of learning by doing Google ‘how to’ searches and by watching YouTube video tutorials but I did also join an online training platform to learn the basics of building websites and affiliate marketing.

Wealthy AffiliateI’m currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate and highly recommend the training, support, community and website hosting over there. You have basically everything you need to start an online business from conception to fruition. Why make it hard for yourself?





Follow Those Who Have Gone Before You

While it completely possible to learn everything you need to know about starting a business online by yourself with the Internet, it is also completely possible to be taught bad habits or to be fooled into handing over hard earned money for basically nothing of value whatsoever. How do you know who/what to trust? Can you be sure that what you are learning is relevant or is it just a dead end path that will only lead to disappointment!

I can’t stress it enough – join a training platform. Be sure that what you are being taught it relevant and up-to-date.

Business mentors come with a hefty price tag and if you’re just starting out or don’t even know yet if you have a viable business idea, hiring a mentor might not be the way forward yet.

Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the whole process from start to finish, from finding a niche, to building a website, getting traffic, scaling up the business and so much more. You will find lots of mentors there willing to pass on their wisdom to you and to offer support and guidance freely.

You have Nothing To Lose

You don’t know until you try it. If I were starting out now I’d love to be introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. If I had been, I’d have saved a lot of time and money and would no doubt be far more advanced with my businesses than I am currently. I’m not complaining though as the training, support and community I am part of is second to none.

Try out Wealthy Affiliate for Yourself
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Want to learn how to build a business online? If so get in touch, I can help. I began working online in 2011 because I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted and to get away from being an employee. I've learned lots in that time and now work full-time from home online. With this website I aim to help others who also want to work from home and learn about the online world. Leave a comment in the box below or use the contact page on this website. You can also connect with me over at Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my profile link, Suzanne-SB's Profile at WA.



12 Comments on “Work at Home On Your Computer”

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I posted a link to my Getting Started Online email course for you on Facebook. Any problems please let me know.


  1. With all the online scams out there i’m afraid that the whole ‘work at home’ ideal has been a bit scarred. I think a lot of people fear many online programs because of all the online scams out there. I can’t blame them either – It is so easy to get scammed nowadays. But its unfortunate because there are still legitimate ways to earn money online and these scams kind of overshadow these ways. Affiliate marketing is one great way to earn money online and even earn a full time living!

    1. You’re right Matt…how do you know what’s legit or a scam, it’s so hard to tell if you don’t know what signs to look for. This is part of the reason for creating this website, to hopefully help people avoid the scams out there.

  2. thanks. If I had known the WA is so good to help newbies like me much earlier, I am thrilled. I really like to reach out to those potential newbies from being explored by the so called internet gurus expert thousand of dollars. We both share the same to help people like us.

    1. Hi Wong,

      you are right, Wealthy Affiliate is the place for all levels of online expertise….the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy is an excellent mindset for us all to adopt. You give and you receive 🙂 knowledge shared is so much better and that’s what we get at Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Yes it is possible to earn money by working from home, I am doing it, you are doing it and there really is no better place to learn about online business than WA. I really agree with your point that the best way to succeed is to learn from those who have done it before and wealthy affiliate gives a great opportunity for that as well.

    Nice post 🙂

  4. Working from home is something I think everyone dream to be able to wake up and enjoy the freedom. Wealthy Affiliate provide valuable resources for anyone looking to start making an income from home. I highly recommend this platform ..Thank for providing some really good information about wealthy affiliate….

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    You are speaking directly to me as I don’t want to go out any more, driving hours to work, somewhere, for little money – which then you spend on gasoline, anyway. I WANT to work at home, and your article is really confirming my intention to do so and to succeed in it.
    You are talking about Wealthy Affiliates and I can only confirm what you are saying here. I discovered the platform only a few weeks ago and I am blown away of the level of support and learning I have found there. I am totally convinced that it will help me, finally, to succeed (after having spent a lot of money previously for courses which, at the end, left me without the practical tools of HOW to achieve the success.) On WA, for little money, we can find what we are looking for!

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